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Who we are

Founded in 2014, ABG is a system integrator, technology advisor and implementer focusing on the Middle East and GCC markets, with headquarters office in UAE with many branches in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and USA. Our data-driven capabilities with our offered domain expertise help ensuring speed, innovative and efficient solution delivery.Our teams leverage data, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to build and deliver solutions that transform the business of our clients.

ABG works closely with its partners to deliver innovative solutions to allow its customers to improve and transforms their enterprises, holding strong partnerships with SAS, Softbank Robotics and AWS, ABG forges its technologies' resources and enables its skilled teams to face projects' challenges wherever they are.


Our teams

Our software engineers   can help you with integration consultancy, project managing. Also, we build up a relation with our customers where they keep their data protected and to allow for better support and maintainability of their systems, while still streamlining their workflows and sharing their data efficiently between systems. Our team is consisted of More than 45+ full time professionals from 5 different global offices located in: Cairo – Riyadh – Dubai – Beirut - USA.

Our Offices:

  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • KSA
  • Lebanon
  • USA
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