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Governments and public sector entities can all derive value from the massive amounts of digital data they collect. Decision making in government usually takes much longer and is conducted through consultation and mutual consent of a large number of diverse actors, including officials, interest groups, and ordinary citizens. 

Governments deal not only with general issues of big-data integration from multiple sources and in different formats and cost but also with some special challenges. The biggest is collecting data; governments have difficulty, as the data not only comes from multiple channels but from different sources. Most governments operating or planning big-data projects need to take a step-by-step approach for setting the right goals and realistic expectations. Success depends on their ability to integrate and analyze information, develop supporting systems, and support decision making through analytics.

ABG, partnering with world-class leaders in Analytics and Decision Management solutions, has been able to provide outstanding projects to governmental entities, dealing with their challenges and delivering on their requirements in time and quality they aspired to.

Fields ABG can contribute to Government entities are: