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Financial Institutions

ABG enables banks, payment providers, and insurance companies become more competitive, high- performing, and willing to become part of the digital economy.

Banking in the GCC and MENA regions is a critical sector that is connected directly with the economic status of countries. It is vital for bankers to follow trends and principles of business management that ensures maximizing returns for the investment while avoiding excessive risk taking that puts bank’s capital at risk. It is one of those industries where the business decisions can be done based on scientifically derived insights from the ecosystem in which it operates.

ABG brings its expertise to its clients that it has accumulated by serving multiple banks across the region on diverse business problems. It enables its team to bring world class solutions while keeping the business environment as stable as possible.

 Some of the areas, where we have helped our several banking clients across the world are:

  • Real Time Decision Management
  • Anti Fraud Solutions
  • Anti Money Laundry
  • Risk Management 
  • Compliance