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  • SAS and Accord Business Group Organize Jordan FSI Summit

SAS and Accord Business Group Organize Jordan FSI Summit

SAS and Accord Business Group Organize Jordan FSI Summit

Bringing international business analytics and intelligence insights to the local market Amman, March 2019: Harnessing the global wave of digitalization and emphasizing the importance of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions within today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Accord Business Group (ABG) - an information and communication technology (ICT) system integrator and technology implementer - organize the Jordan FSI Summit on Wednesday 10 April, 2019, at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman.

The event will be attended by a group of executive management representatives from various fields, including analytics and business intelligence, compliance, fraud and anti-money-laundering, risk management and retail banking.

As Strategic Partner and Regional Reseller of SAS - an international leader in business analytics

software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market -

ABG hosts SAS speakers who will highlight the optimal ways financial institutions can shape

swift and critical decisions, mitigate risks, as well as retain and grow their customer base. The

Jordan FSI Summit comprised a series of sessions that tackled several topics such as emerging

trends for combating fraud and financial crime; analytical decision making for banks; and the

role of AI and advanced analytics in digital transformations; among others.

“With digitalization revolutionizing the current dynamic business scene, it has become

imperative for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions to gain a holistic

understanding of their businesses based on valuable insights pertaining to risk analytics,

automated credit decision, customer centricity, regulatory compliance and financial crimes,

to enable them to navigate their digital evolution journeys,” explained [insert name and title].

“For this particular reason, we were keen to organize the Jordan FSI Summit to serve as a

platform for linking local professionals with experts from SAS, which is the strategic advisor and

technological partner of some of the most prominent financial entities worldwide.”